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About Scott

Nicknamed the "Velocity Doctor," after working with well over 1,000 pitchers the last 13 years and spending the better part of a decade as a Corporate/Hospital Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Scott Haase has been able to crack the code on teaching pitchers how to throw harder without sacrificing arm health, having been featured in the News on several occasions while amassing tens of thousands of followers across his social media platforms and millions of video views as well.

Having struggled with adding velocity to his own fastball during college, Scott dedicated hundreds of hours to be able to learn and then execute his own transformation, adding 5 mph to his fastball in one college off-season. Since then, he has helped pitchers add velocity, increase command, improve their health and dial in their confidence where others have failed.

About The Healthy Velo Pitching Clinic

Scott will not only cover the topics of throwing velocity and mechanics, but he'll also uncover what the the most successful pitchers in the world are doing to achieve their goals and dreams, and help players avoid injury.

Example Agenda: Overview > Achieving Your Goals & Dreams > Where Does Velocity Come From? > Avoiding Injury > Mechanics > Drills

Also available is an additional coach Q&A session if your staff is interested.

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