Pitching Mechanics Drills To Throw Harder - The Coil

In this video, Scott Haase introduces 3 different drills to improve and learn how to coil for better pitching mechanics. Mastering these drills can help baseball pitchers throw harder, add velocity, and reach their dreams!

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Full Transcript (will update):

Pitching Mechanics Drills To Throw Harder - The Coil

This first drill is called the NCC drill. What does that stand for? Stands for the Nomo, Cueto, or Cortez drill. Hideo Nomo, Johnny Cueto, and Mr. Cortez from the Yankees at the time of this recording, all do this and they're not the only ones. These are my three favorite drills for the coil, or the turn, or the twist, or whatever you wanna call if you wanna increase your pitching mechanic's velocity and throw harder. 

This NCC drill I just came up with because there's so many guys that do it now, but it used to be just Hideo Nomo in the 90s. He was a rookie of the year with the Dodgers and he did this all the time. So the concept of the coil is to take your body and turn it towards second base.

That's it. That's it. The idea is that if you pull your body back, it's like pulling a rubber band back. So you've got that counter rotation. Some guys call it a corkscrew. Some guys call it a coil or turn or a twist, whatever you call it. If you do that, you then take advantage of that rubber band. pullback that when you release, you can then get that rotational energy when you're moving down the mound as well.

So it's a best of both worlds combination with Hideo Nomo, with Mr. Cueto and Mr. Cortez. Those guys are aggressively doing this mostly to mess with the hitter, but it also can be advantageous to you and help you out with throwing harder. I've seen guys. Repeatedly in a tryout setting on that mound right there actually bumped their below by four miles per hour at a bunch of different levels So this one can be a great one for you when you come set you're just lifting and turning the body and then you go To throw it's that simple you take the entire body I like to talk about your entire spine you lift turn and then throw you can exaggerate it thinking of Johnny Cueto or Hideo Nomo or Nestor Cortez

the second one I've heard for years, and I think it's a good one it is show the Numbers. I think at every age, this drill has been used. So I did not come up with it, but showing the numbers is a very simple concept because everyone has numbers on the back of their jersey. So the idea is if I just turn my body and show my numbers, that will get that desired effect of turning, twisting, coiling, corkscrewing, or whatever you want to call it.

So I come set and I just do my normal pitching, but I imagine showing my numbers and I've actually got a mirror right here. So I can imagine showing my numbers to the mirror or showing my numbers to the catcher. So I lift, feel the numbers and pitch. This one is probably my favorite because you're not only presetting it, so you're kind of cheating the drill and cheating the idea of this turn, twist or coil.

But then also when you hold that preset longer, it takes away the inconsistencies and the misunderstandings of these ones. And then you really focus on holding that as you move down the mound. We'll talk about that. What I love about presetting the hold is that it takes the guesswork out of it, and then it instills the good concept of maintaining that coil corkscrew turn or twist as you go down the mountain.

Because it's one thing if you turn, but if you go right out of it, then what happens is, You've lost that rubber band. That's like taking a rubber band back and then putting it back forward and then letting go and doesn't go anywhere. So you want to be able to hold that rubber band back as you're going down the mound.

So I'm going to preset it like this. So I'm showing my numbers or I'm thinking Cortez or Cueto or Hideo Nomo like this. And when I lift, I'm staying right here, back towards second base as I go down the mound as long as I can.

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