How To Increase Pitching Velocity: Breathing

One of the best ways to start seeing results with adding velocity, increasing strikes and seeing overall pitching performance is by implementing breathing techniques.

In this video, Scott discusses the 3 different types of breathing and how the 3rd, more advanced type can unlock pitching velocity for you!

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Full Transcript (will update):

How To Increase Pitching Velocity: Breathing

If you want to throw a baseball really hard and you want to throw it consistently with repeatable mechanics and you want to stay healthy, then these five things could really, really help you. And I've been breaking them down in this five part series. Step one, root your toes, basically spread them. Step two, set your knee up how it needs to be either this way.

Or that way. Make sure you check out that video if you haven't seen it so you know which way it needs to be. Make sure you tighten your stomach. Make sure you're locked on a small target. Again, you can watch any of those. And last but not least, step five is to breathe with conviction. Now when you get used to doing all these and you've done them for months straight, consciously where you're thinking through all of the steps, eventually it becomes a feel.

You're able to just kind of feel the entire body anchored in. Both physically, visually, and then mentally as well. And it just becomes a feel and you've got it. But now that you know the steps and you can check them off, when you do get to that point where it becomes just all a feel and you begin to struggle, you can start to go back through those checkpoints again.

So you can make sure you're rooted. Make sure you're screwed in. Make sure you're tight. Make sure you're visually looking at a small target. And then the last one is breathing with conviction. When you come set, The breath is a part of, number one, just telling yourself physically, I'm good to go. It also helps maintain your heart rate.

It also helps you relax. So that breath becomes an all encompassing thing of, all right, I'm good to go physically. Everything from the ground up is set. So I am good. And you set that. It also looks really intimidating to the hitter. I had a mom one time with a player who's about 6'6 and he went from being kind of a, like a Just to come set being soft and throw to then getting strong setting the anchor in through the ground and up through his body and then that breath and his mom said, man, you look scary.

So looking scary. That's okay on the mound. So when you get everything set up from the ground up and you come set and you breathe. That lets everyone know it's go time. And when you breathe with conviction, that is night and day difference. What conviction is, is absolute certainty, conviction, and absolute confidence that what I am about to do is going to happen no matter what.

Whether that's a drill I'm trying to perform on a flat ground, on a mound, to a net. to a target in a game, world series, game seven, two outs, bottom of the ninth, whatever it is, you have absolute conviction that I am physically, visually, mentally going to execute. And I'm going to do that with that conviction all the way through release.

So there's a difference. I can have conviction. I can maintain that conviction. And if that release I go, I hope this is around the strike zone. That is not 10 out of 10 conviction. So you want to be breathing that exhale, that audible exhale that you can hear with absolute 10 out of 10 conviction. That means through release, regardless of what happens, I'm convinced with every part of my body.

Mentally and physically and visually that this ball is going to do exactly what I want it to or my body's going to do Exactly what I want it to from a mechanic standpoint today at the time of recording this working with guys on that mound over there I asked a player. All right. What are you convinced you're gonna do on this one?

What number are you convinced? You're gonna hit he said I'm gonna try to hit number. I said no. No, that's the whole say say again He said all right, I'm convinced I might hit the four, I'm like, Whoa, mights, can'ts, hopefullys and shoulds have no place in conviction. Those are completely opposing opposite things.

So as you come set, as you set your body up. Physically and visually get yourself mentally wrapped around the mindset of 10 with everything I have physically and mentally and visually I am executing this pitch when you can do that on Every throw you make on the mound in the bullpen and while playing catch After a couple days and a couple weeks and sure as heck after a couple months of that Practice over and over you will find yourself looking Much scarier, throwing much harder, with much more confidence from both you, your catcher, your teammates, and your coaches, staying healthy, throwing a ton of strikes.

If you missed any of the other steps that all lead up to this, which are going to set you up physically and visually, make sure you get those. Because if you're convinced with 10 up here that it's going to happen, but physically and visually, you've got nothing. You need all those other four steps as well.

For this entire five part series, make sure you are subscribed to this channel so you can see all of those and check out those as well as any other of the Healthy Velo tips we've got on this page.

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