How to increase pitching velocity and throw more strikes: Part 3 - The Core

How to increase pitching velocity and throw more strikes: Part 3 - The Core

Part 3 of this five-part series for velocity and strikes is all about the middle of the body - holding that core strong.

In part 1 Scott discussed anchoring the feet. Part 2 was all about how to set up the knee. There are five steps in total (foot, knee, stomach, eyes, breath) allowing baseball pitchers to throw harder by adding velocity, learn how to throw more strikes, and stay consistent and healthy.

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How to increase pitching velocity and throw more strikes: Part 3 - The Core

If you want to throw this thing really, really hard with consistent, repeatable mechanics and stay healthy and throw a lot of strikes, make sure you're doing all five of these steps. Step one, root your toes, two, set up your knees, three, tighten your stomach. Number four, visually look at a target and number five, breathe with conviction.

In this video, I want to break down not step one or two because those have already been recorded. So make sure you check those out in order because we're going from the ground up. I want to talk about your stomach. Depending on your age, if I just say tighten your stomach, you might know how to do that.

If I tell younger guys how to do that, oftentimes they don't connect the dots, and they're like, I don't know what that means. But flexing your abs, tightening your core, protecting against getting punched are all different ways of saying to get your abs. When you come set, this goes for most youth and amateur pitchers, aka, you're not a pro.

You literally don't get paid to play baseball. But, you're coming set and you're engaging the stomach. You're tightening the core and those abdominal muscles when you come set. So as you're exhaling or as you're breathing, you tighten that. Why? It's so that when we've already got our Toes rooted in our foot glued, and now we've got a stronger anchor with our back leg because we've also screwed or set up our back knee.

Now we can further create an anchor up the body into our stomach. So now there is complete tension, complete focus, and a complete consistent motion that we can hold as we're going down the mound. And with that staying consistent and strong and controlled, we can then be more consistent and repeatable with our delivery to be able to do what we want to do more often.

And we're more confident it's going to happen because it's very consistent from here down. And we'll continue to create that consistency up as we go head to toe with our anchor in the next videos. But to further drive this point home, we're rooting, we're setting, and now we are tightening the stomach.

And the goal is to maintain this, not only just when you're set, but as you lift. Which often is a time when guys will actually forget about it and lose control. As you stride on the mount and rotate, which is another time when guys lose control. And through release, you're maintaining that tightness in your stomach.

Often times what this will do is can give you a velocity bump. It can give you more consistent and repeatable mechanics. And it can also allow you to throw more strikes. So if you struggle at all, this could be fantastic. I usually give this to guys starting out that are struggling with strikes. And then what I will add on top of that is, Hey, sometimes maybe it feels better for you if you go loose all the way through and keep that same consistent looseness.

Other guys need to go really tight. Some guys need to go a little bit of tightness or core control. It ends up being different for everybody, but I start with the foundation of let's anchor it in as best we can to create consistency. And then from there, once we've got consistency, go with feel and how can we make it even better with the next level of that.

If you're ready for the fourth step with how you need to visualize, to throw harder, to throw with more strikes and more command and more health. Make sure you're watching that video. And in order to do that, you probably should be subscribed. So go ahead and make sure you're subscribed to this page. So you can check those out and other Healthy Velo tips.

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