Baseball Pitchers Can Decide To Throw Harder

Baseball Pitchers Can Decide To Throw Harder

In this video clip from a Command and Confidence Masterclass, Scott Haase reviews the decision that baseball pitchers can make each week to prioritize the 4 pillars of Healthy Velocity if they want to throw harder and add pitching velocity. The 4 Pillars are Mental Health, Physical Health, Nutritional Health and Arm and Mechanical Health.

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Full Transcript (will update):

Baseball Pitchers Can Decide To Throw Harder

So you can consciously, through your decision, decide to act on every one of the four pillars of healthy philosophy. What are the four pillars you asked? Thanks for asking. I appreciate that. If especially if you're new to me, and you have no idea\

The four pillars of healthy velocity, or one your mental health, that's your mindset, a lot of stuff we're talking about right now, your confidence. It's your journaling, it's your routines. It's all those things. What are you doing from a mental standpoint, to take care of that? For Your Health? Because that, if you believe in yourself, can affect your velocity can affect your confidence can affect your command.

So what are you doing for number one? Your mental health? Number two, your physical health? What's your recovery look like? What is your workout look like? What does your sleep look like? What does your stretching routine look like? What is your warmup routine look like? What is your bullpen? What's the physical look like? Are you strong enough? Are you powerful enough?

You got to your physical health, mental health, physical, nutritional health is number three. What are your eating habits? What are your drinking habits? Do you drink enough water? Do you drink water? Some people don't even drink water? Are you eating enough food?

Oftentimes, that's the issue is do I eat enough food? Guess what? So often, when people come to me with command issues, with arm pain issues, with velocity issues with confidence issues, and I asked them about their food and their eating habits. They're not eating enough food. And that's where I start. I don't start with breaking down carbohydrates and defining them and what are good and what are bad and white and brown and fluffy and soft and dense. And like there's books written about just the word carbohydrates. Like that's not where I start, I start with the simple.

Are you eating enough food? And we don't even have to count calories. I'm talking do you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? I can't tell you how many times guys that I talked to with pain. Eat two meals a day. That's probably the most common answer. I get guys that have pain or velocity issues. On average, they're eating consistently twice a day. And then maybe like they throw in the granola bar, and sometimes they eat dinner regardless of confidence, command mechanics, velocity, opportunities, performance, like all like if you're not eating enough like that's an issue.

So mental health, physical health, nutritional health. And then lastly, yes, you're struggling health, your arm health or mechanical health. That stuff does play a factor as well. So are you actively and consciously deciding to work on each of the four pillars healthy velocity mental, physical, nutritional and mechanical?

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