Are You A Pitcher Looking To Find Somewhere To Train For Velocity This Summer?

Training location is in Martinsville, Indiana. We kickoff May 30th and go through July 27th. Training options are 4-9 weeks for both Basic & VIP options.
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Train for Healthy Velo Mon-Thur This Summer

- Full Body Assessment
- High Speed Video Capture
- Pitch Repertoire Profile
- Rapsodo Pitch Data
- Velo Throwing Program
- Power Workout Program
- Daily Wellness & Nutrition Tracking (Gain Train!)
- Video & Mechanics Breakdown and Drill Prescription
- Recovery Protocols
- Mindset and Confidence
- Cutting Edge, Advanced Training Protocols, New To The Industry
- And MORE!

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Meet Your Pitching Coach

Nicknamed the "Velocity Doctor," after working with well over 1,000 pitchers the last 14 years and spending the better part of a decade as a Corporate/Hospital Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Scott Haase has been able to crack the code on teaching pitchers how to throw harder without sacrificing arm health.

The former left-handed pitcher, turned coach has been featured in the News on several occasions and has amassed over 65,000 followers across his social media platforms with over 20 MILLION video views as well with his Health-First and Result Driven approach to transforming pitchers. He looks forward to helping you achieve your healthiest dreams on the mound.

Take advantage of working with Scott by getting to train with him in-person this summer.

Wishing you good health!

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