Have You Struggled To Find A Good Pitching Camp For Your Son?


The LIVE In-Person, 2-Day Transformational Training Event For Healthy Fastball Velocity!



HEALHTY90 LIVE is for the player whose family that has already invested the time and money on camps, clinics, lessons, and showcases, but did not see results!

We have 3 goals...

1. Give You A 90mph PLAN!

2. Do So, The Healthiest Way Possible

3. Give You More In One Weekend Than You've Ever Gotten Before Or Your Money Back

Along the way, you've hoped that these lessons, camps and clinics would give you better Velocity, Command & Health, but that wasn't the case. HEALTHY90 LIVE promises an individualized plan for all 3 of these, giving players even more OPPORTUNITY!

A Little Background On Me...

Hi, I'm Scott Haase, founder of Healthy Velo and creator of HEALTHY90 LIVE!

As a former soft-tossing lefty pitcher, I came to a realization during my junior year of college that I wasn't good enough to play after college. That awakening pushed me to train, educate and elevate myself harder than I ever had in my life. In one year I added 20lbs of muscles, 5mph on my fastball, and was in the top 5 in almost every pitching category my senior year.

The Bad News...

Unfortunately, by the time I thought I "had it figured out," my career was done and I never got to the coveted 90MPH...

The Good News - Enter "HEALTHY90 LIVE"

I've spent 14 years working with pitchers as a coach and instructor and the better part of a decade in the Health, Fitness & Medical Field as a Health Coach & Personal Trainer for a hospital organization. HEALTHY90 LIVE is the culmination of the work that started almost 15 years ago when I was online looking for any way to add velocity.

Not only have I found the way to teach velocity as the "Velocity Doctor" (as I've been called), but I've found the HEALTHIEST way to train it.

After Working With Well Over 1,000 Pitchers The Last 14 Years & Spending The Better Part Of A Decade In The Health & Medical Field, I've Been Able To Crack The Code On Throwing Velocity! One Player Even Called Me The "Velocity Doctor" During Our Assessment!

Here's What Players & Parents Are Saying...

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What's Included in HEALTHY90?

  • A complete Body Movement Assessment for Stability, Mobility & Flexibility

  • Power Tests to measure strengths and weaknesses that can be target off the field and in the gym for the holy grail of Healthy Velo!

  • An individual Healthy Velo Plan mapped out that players can take home and implement immediately, including drills, exercises, stretches and movement prep

  • Video Breakdown of Mechanics 

  • Drill Demonstration

  • Nutrition Education and Assessment 

  • Off-speed Analysis & Development

  • Injury Prevention Presentation

  • Command & Accuracy Corrections and Focus


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